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We work with different modalities including Deep Tissue, Sports, Trigger Point, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Hot Salt Stones, Prenatal and Postnatal and much more! 30 Minutes-$55 60 Minutes-$90 90 Minutes-$130 120 Minutes-$180

Head Face & Neck Massage

This is a safe and effective manual technique that works on muscles both inside and outside the mouth, neck, head and throat. It is an effective treatment for patients who suffer from TMJD, Bruxism, grinding, migraines, chronic sinus problems, whiplash, headaches, and chronic head, face and neck pain. 30 Minutes-$55 60 Minutes-$90


Reflexology is a technique that focuses on specific pressure points within your feet to help correct energy flows throughout your body. 30 Minutes-$55 60 Minutes-$90

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is a healthy, natural way to reduce stress, anxiety, body discomfort and to promote overall wellness for the expectant mother. 30 Minutes-$44 60 Minutes-$90 90 Minutes-$130 120 Minutes-$180

Vacuum Cupping

Vacuum Cupping is an alternative treatment in which a therapist places cups on a persons skin. Suction from the cups can help to restore blood flow and improve range of motion. Add on to any massage session for $10 or just come for cupping. 30 Minute-$65

Gua Sha

Gua sha is a natural, alternative therapy that involves scraping your skin with a massage tool that can improve circulation. Add on to any massage for $10 or just come in for Gua Sha. 30 Minute-$65


The Juniper Tree is a fabled symbol of a great journey, having taken many twists and turns, being capable of staying true to it's self,

and never compromising its integrity.

Please allow us to join in your journey...

By Appointment Only



***During these uncertain times we want to assure you that we are doing everything

we can to mitigate the risks of covid19.

We are spacing our appointments apart to insure ample time for a thorough cleaning

between each session, as well as 

eliminate any client overlap.

We use hospital grade UV/Ozone Lamps   and HEPA High efficiency air purifiers in every treatment room.

If you don't have your own mask, we have them available upon request. 

We are located in the Riverwood Medical Center
100 Cunningham Ln.Suite #106
Clayton, NC 27527
North Carolina Establishment License #195


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