A Day In The Life Of My Chronic Pain

A Day In The Life Of My Chronic Pain

The sound of chimes enters my mind and it takes me a minute to realize its my alarm.

It’s time to get up.

I lift my arm to press the stop button on my phone and it takes 3 or 4 tries because my hand is shaking really bad this morning.

I finally get it to turn off and I lay there for a minute, my mind swimming in deep regret……I stayed up way too late last night to be getting up at 5am!

A long white fuzzy paw stretches across my chest and I can hear Newt purring.

I start to press my left elbow into the mattress to push myself upright and a breath taking zip of pain shoots from my shoulder.

Holy $h*t! Ouch!

I keep forgetting my shoulder hurts when I put any weight on it. My first rib in my back has this annoying tendency to pop out of place and my AC joint is giving me all sorts of trouble lately.

I look over my shoulder to see my hubby sleeping peacefully and wish I could lay back down with him and go back to sleep.

I finally stand up and have to grab the dresser because I’m so wobbly. Does the earth tilt like that for everyone when they get up in the morning???

Now it’s time to walk to the bathroom while hanging onto the furniture because Newt will be diving under my feet the entire way, and don’t forget to step over the small, snoring pony on the floor we call Jasper.

My head is throbbing so I know it’s going to rain….

Then I stand under a very hot shower stream for at least 10 minutes before I can raise my arms to wash my hair.

After 20 minutes I can move with out feeling like my joints and muscles are on fire.

Now it’s time to figure out how to balance while getting dressed in the closet while Newt is doing figure 8’s around my legs.

As I open the bathroom door, Jasper stumbles to his feet to follow me down the stairs while Newt runs up and down them a couple of times because both Jasper and I take a long time to get down the stairs in the morning.

Let the dog out….feed the pets….get some coffee….sit and stare into space for 10 or 15 minutes….

After I’ve been awake for an hour my brain finally begins to function, whew!

It’s going to be a day that I need to take Aleve. I’m not supposed to take it but my arms are throbbing too much so it’s worth the ulcer risk, I just have to eat first…

My phone starts to chime again to let me know it’s time to leave for the office. Shoes go on and my feet remind me I have arthritis.

The hubby always walks out to the car with me if I have a lot to carry, he’s good like that.

As I unlock my office door, my brain slips into prep mode.

Turn on the air conditioner…turn on the lights and table warmer….unload the car(sheets, packets of bottled water, supplies, etc…)…clean the bathroom….empty trash….clean the glass door on the sauna….and so on….

I sit in front of a light therapy device while I ready my paper work for the full schedule of clients today.

The light helps my brain realize it’s daytime since I spend the majority of my day in the dim lighting of the massage room.

I hear the door open and it’s time to go to work!

Six hours later a wave of nausea hits me and (as my daughter puts it) I get the mouth sweats.

Oh crap!

I forgot to eat anything….I have 2 more clients and 3.5 hours to go. Protein shake time, drink it fast because it tastes horrible!

In 5 minutes, the nausea goes away and I hear the door open…time to work!

As my client is talking to me I start to swat at something in my peripheral vision on the right…as I turn my head I can see a swarm of black dots with bright white tracer trails out of the side of my right eye…

Oh boy!

That is the first sign of a doozy migraine on it’s way…

Halfway through my last client a burning sensation makes itself known…from the base of my skull down my levator scapulae, across my supraspinatus, stoping at my middle deltoid….my C-5 nerve is complaining again…sigh…

Finally, it’s time to go home, whew!

As I open the door to my house, Newt greets me from atop the banister, I lean in so he can touch his nose to mine and then crawl onto my shoulder. Here comes Jasper for his welcome home hip rubs, as I bend to greet Jasper, Newt crawls down my back and jumps to the floor.

Kick off my shoes….ahhh…. and walk to the kitchen while dodging pets to greet the hubby. It’s one of my later nights so the hubby has already fed the pets dinner(he’s so awesome).

Next I grab a steak from the freezer and put it in my air fryer, then head upstairs to put on my pajamas.

My right ear begins to buzz so I know the migraine is eminent. My sweet hubby doesn’t mind eating dinner in the dark because my head starts to pound and throb.

Hello my lovely bed!

Time to lay down with an ice pack at the base of my skull and the infrared heating pad wrapped around my shoulder and pray for blissful sleep to come as soon as the Benadryl I swallowed with my steak hits my blood stream….

I can hear Jasper doing his 3 or 4 OCD circles before he can lay down on his bed.

The bed shifts as Newt jumps onto the mattress to snuggle in between me and the hubby.

My body starts to feel heavy as sleep starts to take over…


Don’t forget to set my alarm! Tomorrow it will be time to do it all over again!

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