Another Year, Another Diagnosis....Lessons Learned In 2019

2019 brought with it a new adventure into my #autoimmune struggle, #Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. A new diagnosis came with a more restrictive eating plan. It’s been challenging, to say the least. Honestly, I’m around 90% compliant with my food plan, but some days, the restriction gets to me and I eat something I shouldn’t. My body always reminds me afterwards why I need to stick to my food plan. Hives, belly pain, joint pain, muscle spasms and migraines are the results of straying from my "safe foods" list. Sigh...

I’ve learned a lot this year about myself and the people around me. I learned to let go of some of the things that do not work for me or my family. I figured out that I’m a lot stronger than I ever thought I could be. My life and the way I live it may not be everyone’s "cup of tea", but it’s my life and I love it!

We are not guaranteed a long life so I try to live every day to the fullest I can. People don't have to believe or think the way I do for me to love them and it's okay for me to expect the same Judgment free acceptance from the people in my life. If you can't take me as I am, then you are not someone I want around me or my precious family.

I realize that trust is a valuable thing and not everyone is worthy of it. People you love can break your heart, or they can make it sing. You can’t control anything but your own behavior. Worrying about what everyone else thinks will only make you unhappy in the end. Everyone, individually, is responsible for themselves, therefore the key to your happiness is inside your own mind. I can be happy because I decide to accept my reality and live the life I worked so hard to create.

Against the odds, I chose a career that made absolutely no logical sense for me to pursue given my limitations with #RA, #Fibromyalgia, #ChronicMigraines, #SevereAllergies, and #ChronicPain issues. Not only did I make straight A’s, for the first time in my life in school, I passed the state license exam with flying colors! Me! Someone with #Dyslexia and major #testanxiety….ME!!! Then I decided to open my own business and now I’m in my 5th year and still growing strong!

Every year brings a new challenge to face. This year, I think it will be learning the art of really letting go. Both my children will be moving to the next level of adulthood and most likely, be leaving North Carolina. I realize it’s possible to be happy and sad at the same time. It’s an indescribable sensation to watch your children become these amazing people. I’m so proud of them and all the hard work and dedication they have put into their education and future careers.

I hope that #2020 is a good one, even though I know it will be a hard one. I will rise to the challenge. I will continue to fight for my health and live every day with integrity and truth. I will be kind to myself on the days I need to rest and remind myself that my success rate for getting through the bad days is 100%.

I hope everyone has a good year too!

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